In an effort to better serve Chill Out Teams and Fans, the Cedar River Soccer Association is partnering with the Cedar Rapids Tourism Office to offer online housing services for the 2019 Chill Out Soccer Tournament.  Please note that hotels will NOT be taking reservations directly.  All reservations must be made through the online housing system.
Once your reservation is made, you will receive an initial acknowledgement from the reservation system that your request has been received.  When the hotel has processed your reservation, you will receive your reservation confirmation from the hotel directly.  Most hotels process reservations after the tournament block has closed, so it may be after March 30, 2019 before you receive the hotel confirmation.  This is completely normal.
PLEASE NOTE THAT THE RESERVATION SYSTEM DOES NOT CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD.  Your card information is collected for guarantee purposes only.  You will have the opportunity to update payment information at check in, or you can contact for assistance. 
If you are unsure of your roster at the time of booking, put a generic name (“Family 1, Family 2, etc.) on each room.  Once your roster is finalized, send the updated names to to update your reservation.  Please get those names updated by March 1, 2019
Please direct any questions to or 319-731-4532.

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